My quilts

I start by painting and tainting a large variety of types of silk. The silks are white, grayish or beige when I receive them.

I then assemble the top of the patch, the felt and the bottom fabric, and do the quilting by hand. You may click on each quilt to view a larger image It is possible to purchase the items presented on this site


Natural Silk Patchworks

The way

Courtepointe / tablecloth

I have used Crèpe de Chine, Twill, Douppion, 2 sorts of Tussor, 3 satins dévorés, 8 types of satin façonné, 2 velvets dévorés.

Some pieces of silk are painted, others appear with their original color.

Dimensions : 1,50 x 1,50 meters

Price : 1.270€

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Raw silk

Courtepointe / tablecloth

For this item I used natural silks that give it a precious aspect.

Patchworkers will have recognized the Barjo technique.

Machine-sown, and hand-quilted.

Dimensions : 1,50 x 1,50 meters

Price: 870 €

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The big star

Courtepointe / tablecloth


This piece is painted by hand on pure silk of superb quality: satins faconnes

Dimensions : 1.68 x 1.68 meters

  Price : 1.550 €

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