Large bags

On that page, you will see the big-sized bags.

All these bags have three inside pockets, of which there is one with a zip.

Though they are made of textile, bags are rigid and will keep their shape as shown on photos.

Large bag : Holes

That bag is made of black fireproof fabrics.

On the front of that bag, you can see innovative materials that are painted then embroidered with coloured metallic threads.

It is 0.33 meters high to carry folders and big ring binders, 0.28 meters wide and has a big extendible gusset.

Price : 86 €

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Large bag : Orange and gold

Innovative fabric painted then embroidered with coloured metallic threads.

The front is worked with fireproof tissues.That bag has a wide extendible gusset and can contain documents and also ring binders and folders.

Dimensions : 0.30 x 0.32 meters

Price : 86 €

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The bags you can see below are made of beautiful soft furnishings, used to make armchairs and sofas. They are therefore hard-wearing. Each bag presents 4 internal pockets, one of which has a zip. Two short straps for that bag, to be worn on the shoulder, below the arm or in the hand. A big zip closes the bag