The pure silk

I start by painting and tainting a large variety of types of silk. The silks are white, grayish or beige when I receive them. After painting them, I steam the silks for several hours, ensuring that the colours will last.

The scarves and square scarves

Each scarf is painted by hand on pure silk of superb quality such as heavy Crèpe de Chine, thick Twill, Satin Façonné, Crèpe Georgette....

All my scarves are hand-rolled. A brief explanation for those of you unfamiliar with "rolling" silk : the term refers to the edge of the piece of silk, which is rolled over and sown in place to finish the scarf. Hand-rolling is essential to producing a beautiful scarf


You can wash and remove stains from your silk items yourself, or have them dry-cleaned. "The more you wash your silk fabric, the thicker and nobler it becomes.Each scarf is delivered with instructions for its care.


All scarves are signed With an elegant "fall", Crèpe de Chine is a rather mat material wich provides the scarf with intense colours.

Generally shiny, Twill is tightly woven : the manner in which the threads cross creates oblique ridges and valleys in the fabric.

Satin Façonné has a pattern woven directly through it.


From page to page, please take the opportunity to discover my work.


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Personnal data protection

Personal information provided to Armelle Soie in order to prepare your order in the best conditions will be handled confidentialy, and will on no account be provided to any third party without your written consent.