Who am I

Armelle Soie


I have painted Silk for the last twenty years. It is a noble material, whose iridescent appearance and diversity of fabrics I particularly appreciate. Colours merge and mix almost magically.

I offer a variety of original items: Scarves, Squares scarves, Ties, Lamps, Pictures, Bags of many types, Handbags, Evening purses, Panels, Necklaces, Broochs ...




Armelle Soie,


I also practice Textil art, which I learned from a fellow artist in Douai.

Starting with various natural or synthetic fibres, and of course my own painted silks, I cut, sow, fuse and transforme, in short I embellish..

I divert materials from their original use and create new fabrics which become Panels, Pictures  or Handbags in many sizes



Armelle Soie, quilt, silk, handpainted, patchwork, pure silk


I also create Patchwork with my painted silk or also with cotton or furnishing fabrics.

The panel at the top of this page belongs to a "Courtepointe" made from painted silk of many different kinds.




I live and work in France, near Brest at the western tip of the Brittany region